CoinJanitor Acquires RXeal, Its First ERC20 Buyout

rxeal acquired by coinjanitor

Acquiring Ethereum or ERC20-based projects presents new challenges for us here at CoinJanitor. We initially never thought we would get to this point as soon as we did. Nevertheless, the opportunity came, and we had to make the adjustments necessary to expand our buyouts to the ERC20 ecosystem. In this case, we seized the opportunity to buy RxEAL.

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Update August 2019

coinjanitor update august 2019

July was a busy month for the CoinJanitor project and we want to give you an overview of what we’ve achieved. We recognize that transparency into the work behind the signs has not been good enough and this is one of the steps in our effort to improve our communication to our community.

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CoinJanitor Is Now Listed On Token.Store Exchange

In an effort to find additional markets for a growing community, CoinJanitor’s team sought to list JAN on Token Store. This exchange is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the space, allowing people to trade with all the advantages a DEX offers. CoinJanitor has always believed in the advantages of decentralized exchanges, so the team is proud to offer this option to the community.

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Deadcoin Dev Spreads FUD About CoinJanitor

Unfortunately, there are too many scammers lurking around, using cryptocurrency to their advantage. It is impossible to blame a project for being cautious when CoinJanitor attempts a buyout approach. Nevertheless, some of these projects’ attempts to protect themselves, are outright egregious. We recently came across a dev of a potentially deadcoin project that resorted to false accusations in an attempt to turn our buyout approach into one of the reasons for the project’s failure.

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We’ve Completed Our First Buyout

coinjanitor buys deadcoin

Mission Accomplished: Globycoin Is CoinJanitor’s First Buyout

After numerous conversations with a myriad of developers, and countless messages going back and forth over different media, CoinJanitor managed to complete its first buy out. Globycoin, a project that focused on delivering an environmentally friendly coin that was based on master nodes and PoS, is the first project that CoinJanitor has acquired.

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Difference Between Shitcoins and Deadcoins in Cryptocurrency

shitcoins deadcoins graveyard

What Are Shitcoins And Why The Term Is Useless?

People who are well acquainted with cryptocurrency, have heard the term “shitcoin” at least a few times. The meaning of the term, however, varies depending on who says it. Furthermore, there are enough people who use the term interchangeably with the term “deadcoin.” These two terms are radically different from each other and only one of them is objectively useful in the space. The other is a just a highly subjective expression, and here are the reasons why.

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Tokens Not Moving

A Pledge From The CoinJanitor Team

Progress on our project has been slower than expected. Although we are optimistic about the outlook of our buy outs and we are about to release the most comprehensive dead coin data set in the world, we know our supporters were following our scheduled milestones just to find that we have had to delay them. Therefore, we have decided to freeze the team’s tokens for an additional year. We pledge not to move team tokens until March 1st, 2020.

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More Markets to Get CoinJanitor JAN Tokens

CoinJanitor Now Listed On SouthXchange And Vertex

Since we started looking for exchanges to list on, we have been getting a lot of messages from the community about their preferences. After striking a partnership with AZExchange, our staff kept on looking for additional options.

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CoinJanitor Partners with AZExchange

Why Did CoinJanitor Forge A Partnership With AZExchange?

After looking at the issue of listing for quite a while, we have decided to forge a partnership with AZExchange. This may come as a surprise to many, but those who have read our white paper and understand the nature of our project as a community backed effort to clean up the space, will be able to see the value in choosing AZExchange. Nevertheless, we do owe the community a deeper explanation about why we forged a partnership with AZExchange.

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