coinjanitor update august 2019

July was a busy month for the CoinJanitor project and we want to give you an overview of what we’ve achieved. We recognize that transparency into the work behind the signs has not been good enough and this is one of the steps in our effort to improve our communication to our community.


  • After announcing our first buyout we began the swaps for all Globycoin holders
  • We reached out to more projects owners for buyouts
  • We improved out buyout process based on learnings from our first

Exchanges and Listings

  • We were listed on which is our second CMC recognized exchange
  • We actively reached out to coin listing sites that did not list $JAN to add our token
  • We were added to signal program for updates
  • We were added to the CoinGecko beam platform for updates


  • We reactivated smaller forum accounts and are regularly posting on BitcoinTalk and BitcoinGarden
  • We started shilling $JAN on twitter in replies to other people’s comments on other projects
  • We had video interviews with various youtubers and reached out to more including Bull Flag Group
  • We were featured in blogs and online publications with more coming
  • We started engaging in private chat and telegram groups about the CoinJanitor project spreading the word

Data and Partnerships

  • We partnered with another project to help in our efforts to clean up (TBA)
  • We integrated new data sources in our coin profiling
  • We updated our algorithm to include new datapoints about coin activity
  • We began discussions with platforms to include CoinJanitor as a datapoint in their coin lists

There was more but this a good overview of the work done in July. The focus has been to pursue buyouts and make them happen to validate our use case and to increase marketing reach and visibility sustainably to spread the word about the CoinJanitor project. This will continue to be our focus in August.

What to Expect in August

  • Announcement of more buyouts
  • An increase in marketing channels and activities
  • More blog mentions
  • More interviews
  • A bounty campaign on social media
  • Restarting of our Medium blog
  • Application to CoinMarketCap
  • An upgrade to the website

As always we appreciate all of the support of all members of our community. So thank you! We welcome your comments and feedback so please join the discussion with us on telegram or on twitter and let’s clean up crypto together.

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