CoinJanitor Meme Contest and Giveaway

CoinJanitor crypto meme contest

Buying out deadcoins is a serious endeavor. That doesn’t mean we cannot have a little fun here and there doing it. Our team decided to ease into the holiday mood and have some fun with a meme contest during December 2019. Community members put their creativity to work and used one of their referred images to communicate what they think about CoinJanitor. The results were very funny.

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CoinJanitor Acquires LENS, First 2020 Buyout!

LENS platform crypto acquired by CoinJanitor

We are proud to announce our fourth overall buyout: LENS an ERC20 project. This buyout has been in the works for a while now. The dev took his time to think about it and accepted the offer. We must point out that this is not only our first deadcoin buyout of 2020, but it is also the first one in which the devs decided to forgo any payment in favor of the community.

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Happy New Year: 2019 Roundup

Happy New Year fellow Janitors!

2019 was an incredible year for CoinJanitor! Our pioneering vision finally came to fruition thanks to the support of the community. Here are the main highlights that made this past year so special:

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