CoinJanitor April 2020 Update

CoinJanitor April 2020 Update

It has been a challenging month so far. We have been dealing with the giveaway and looking for more deadcoins to buy out. Despite a few introductions to stalled projects, the negotiations have not panned out. As we look for more projects, we decided to take a step and list on an additional exchange. This listing will give the project more flexibility in the markets.

CoinJanitor Lists on Unnamed Exchange

We listed on Unnamed Exchange following the suggestion of one of our community members. This listing is particularly favorable due to the following reasons:

  • It gives CoinJanitor some more exposure
  • Adds more JAN pairs for our community to use
  • Solidifies the convertibility of JAN tokens with more options on a good market

More JAN Pairs

This listing on Unnamed Exchange adds 6 new pairs and allows the users on this exchange to trade JAN using a total of 8 different cryptocurrencies. The following are the JAN pairs available at Unnamed Exchange:

  • JAN/BTC – the second exchange on which this pair is available. SouthXchange was the first one
  • JAN/ETH – also the second exchange that offers this pair after our listing on Token.Store
  • JAN/LTC – a new pair we are particularly excited about. Litecoin is a promising cryptocurrency that has solid foundations
  • JAN/USDT – for those of you who like stablecoins, Tether should be the kind of option you were looking for
  • JAN/XMR – a zero proof option for those of you looking for anonymity
  • JAN/DOGE – it might have been launched as a joke, but DOGE has a solid community around it and it is certainly a nice addition
  • JAN/WAVES – for Waves fans within our community and all those who we have integrated through the RELAY buyout

Ready to Trade on Unnamed Exchange?

So, if you want to try Unnamed Exchange out, just go ahead, pick your favorite pair, and start trading. Our team is pleased to give you more options so you can choose your favorite exchange as well as a growing number of trading pairs.

Looking for the Next Buyout

While you try Unnamed Exchange out, keep your eyes open for deadcoins. We are still offering our deadcoin bounty. So, if you can help put us in touch with the devs of any deadcoin, you will have more JAN tokens to trade with upon the successful completion of the buyout.