CoinJanitor Added to CMC!

CoinJanitor CMC CoinMarketCap

Although it might not seem like it, the past couple of months have been quite eventful. While nothing substantial has panned out on the buyout front yet – we do have a few leads we are working on – we took advantage of the downtime to do some housekeeping. Here are the exciting updates we have to share with you from the work we have done during February and March.

CoinJanitor is Now on CoinMarketCap – CMC

Our first great piece of news is that we are now listed on Coinmarketcap – CMC. This is probably one of the biggest achievements we had while taking care of internal tasks. We would like to thank the members of the community who helped us get there as well, because without them CMC wouldn’t have been possible.

Here is a link to CoinJanitor’s profile on CMC . There is no doubt that being on CMC will raise the profile of our project and it will raise awareness about the need to have a mechanism to recycle deadcoins. test

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The Dangers Of Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

cryptocurrency trading scams market manipulation

Cryptocurrency is probably the greatest innovation of the 21st century so far. The freedom it provides, considering how money and the internet work, and how big data has compromised our lives, is absolutely necessary. But the explosion of altcoins and tokens further down the line has created the conditions for a variety of cryptocurrency trading scams. These are hurting the space, casting a long shadow on the technology that will become the cornerstone of individual freedom globally.

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CoinJanitor January 2020 Update

We started the month of January 2020 with a long-awaited swap from a buyout that should have been completely finalized last year. The LENS buyout took quite a while to finalize just because that is the nature of the game; developers get our offers, they think about it, maybe they try to figure out a different solution. When they can’t find a different solution, they come back to us and the buyout moves ahead quickly.

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CoinJanitor Meme Contest and Giveaway

CoinJanitor crypto meme contest

Buying out deadcoins is a serious endeavor. That doesn’t mean we cannot have a little fun here and there doing it. Our team decided to ease into the holiday mood and have some fun with a meme contest during December 2019. Community members put their creativity to work and used one of their referred images to communicate what they think about CoinJanitor. The results were very funny.

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CoinJanitor Acquires LENS, First 2020 Buyout!

LENS platform crypto acquired by CoinJanitor

We are proud to announce our fourth overall buyout: LENS an ERC20 project. This buyout has been in the works for a while now. The dev took his time to think about it and accepted the offer. We must point out that this is not only our first deadcoin buyout of 2020, but it is also the first one in which the devs decided to forgo any payment in favor of the community.

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Happy New Year: 2019 Roundup

Happy New Year fellow Janitors!

2019 was an incredible year for CoinJanitor! Our pioneering vision finally came to fruition thanks to the support of the community. Here are the main highlights that made this past year so special:

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CoinJanitor November 2019 Update

november 2019 update CoinJanitor

November 2019 was an eventful month for CoinJanitor. We finalized the RELAY buyout and the swaps, using a shorter swapping window of 2 weeks. RELAY is the first Waves-based project that we buy out.

In the meantime, we have another 3 solid buyout leads that we hope will materialize during the month of December, so we can start 2020 with more than 5 buyouts already under our belt.

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CoinJanitor Acquires RELAY, Its First Waves Token Project

RELAY waves token aqcuired by CoinJanitor

It seems that our prospective buyouts are all newer projects. Although we expected to buy older PoW projects out first, we have gotten more interest from tokens. RELAY is the latest project that expressed interest in a buyout. This project is Waves-based, making it the first such project we buy. After our first ERC20, we were definitely ready for the challenge of buying a Waves project out, and we have done so successfully.

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CoinJanitor Is Now Listed On BitSG

coinjanitor available for usd tether

We are proud to announce that CoinJanitor is now listed on BitSG. This Singapore-based exchange will give JAN holders a new channel to buy and sell their tokens in an entirely new way. The listing took place this past Wednesday, September 25th.

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Update September 2019

september 2019 update coinjanitor

It has been an eventful month for our team and our growing CoinJanitor community. There are a few updates that we would like to share with you regarding the work we did during August 2019. Most of you should know by now that the highlight for the month was the completion of yet another buyout with RxEAL. But there are a few other updates that most of you don’t know about. We would like to share those with you.

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